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I am sorry that that loser ruin your cruise,
next time you can do this:

talk to the guy and get him drunk,
After that get him near a balcony and tell him

" Do you saw that whale?? WOW!!!"

as soon as he looks just push him over and yell at him "PENDEJO!!!"

After that call security and tell them crying,

" I don't know what happen he was drunk as hell and he just jump without any reason"

then pray for the poor bastard soul and maybe some shark will eat him before he get's sober. If you have a camera PLEASE CAPTURE THE MOMENT ON VIDEO!!!
It will be a hell of a video on youtube... with a final word saying "OWNED"

I can only say if he ever survive the jump and live to tell someone, he will never say FU B%@ch to anyone again

well I am sorry for your bad cruise but sometime people don't know when to stop drinking