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Please could Penny or Dave reply to my query. The only reason I ask is that I know Penny loves Princess and I have had replies from Dave who is very knowledgeable too;

Me and my partner sailed on Sea Princess in October 2009 around Caribbean for 14 days. It was our first cruise and loved it so much that we were looking to go this year and again found excellent itenaries on Oct on Emerald Princess for 14 days taking in alot of the islands we wanted to go see and some we have not seen.

Instead of doing it this year we ended up going to the Maldives for the first time and thought we would go back on a Caribbean cruise in September/October 2011.

Itenaries in 2010 for Sept/Oct were really good and had 14 day cruises.

I have started looking at Sept/Oct 2011 for Caribbean and I am shocked to say the least at the awful choice available.

I have tried to find out why and been told this is due to demand etc etc.

When we were on the Sea Princess in Oct 2009 there was nothing but demand for the Caribbean and cannot see why this would not be the case all the time. 2010 itenaries are very good this year too as I say we would have ended up on the Emarald Princess for 14 days sailing on 4/5th Sept. (Our ideal fantastic Itenary)

Looking to go Sept/Oct 2011 I can see Emerald Princess either does 10 days cruise or 20 days cruise. Why has this been changed and there is not a 14 days cruise.

Also there is a cruise on Caribbean Princess from New York for 10 days and I cannot find anything else on the Princess website.

We are totally shocked and disgraced. Is that it????

We want to go on 14 day cruise in Sept/Oct 2011 can you advise what is on offer with Princess and why the lack of itenaries and 14 days cruises.

This has made us look at going on Allure of the Seas on a 7 day back to back starting 1st October which we are sure will be good but we would like to stick with Princess.

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