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Well first sorry that you seemed to have a bad cruise. Like Sonny I h ave been on over 40 cruises 16 or them on RCCL and I have never had the things go wrong that you mentioned. The pools are always crowded but then thats part of the party mood. All the RCCL ships have atleast 2 pools. Even the Empress has 2 as small as she is. They are small pools but they do have 2. Never had raw food either except for the food thats suppose to be raw. I can assure security on a RCCL ship is pretty tight. I have been on the Miracle also and in my opinion I the SERVICE was just ok. When I went to the bars to get a drink The waiters were never prompt even when there was no one waiting but me. I think the pre-tipping of bar help was a bad thing especially on Carnival. On thing about glass (wine)going through the scanners believe me they know its there. If you feel you had a bad time contact RCCL theu really want to know about it. I agree with you Sonny.

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