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Thanks for the post Chuck, your post kind of makes the point.

Again, it's not HAL and their programs that are the concern. The issue I'm trying to get across without being too direct is that many, if not most of the loyalists on HAL are trying to get away from kids. No matter how many teens or how well behaved are onboard and how well recieved they are by the staff I get complaints on a pretty regular basis from Mariner Memebers about some sailings when kids are out of school. Matching a cruiseline to the right expectations for all is the goal. You've seen the comments on here and elsewhere from those who got back from a cruise only to complain about there being too many teens, small children, etc. Those comments are sometimes made onboard as well in a less than tactful manner. Your kids being treated as outcasts on the wrong line is not a high probability but it happens. At the dinner table, in elevators and especially in the corridors at night when sleep is the goal for some who are very early risers. When an issue does arrise, someone has a cruise experience they end up writing about as a bad experience. Either the teenagers or other passengers who chose HAL to get away from families with children common on other lines. There is no rule against kids, HAL would probably love to become a common choice for every demographic. They'd increase their market share. Until the demographics change, the Mariner Members (rightly or wrongly, this is the non-politically correct version of the answer) feel strongly that HAL should be their escape from the family cruiseline experience. With so many other choices, it just makes sense to investigate options that would eliminate possible unpleasant issues for everyone.

Cheers, Neil