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Hi MarchCruiser,

first of all: Happy New Year!

Depends how clean you like it.

Mostly I am willing to spend 50 EuroCENT (not EURO only Cent!!!) for a clean toilet.

Good places are railways stations, department stores, self-service restaurants, hotel lobby of major hotels. I try to avoid any public toilets without attendants.

The more south you are in Europe the more acceptable it is just to ask to go to a restaurant without consumption.

In some Eastern European countries I would recommend to have some adults diapers and just use them in a case of emergency.

Mostly you find signs like "WC", "00", "PP" (only men), or pictogram of man and woman.

Do not worry: the majority of Europeans know the use of toilets and appreciate them more than to pee in the booshes or to trees.

I am sure you will even have less problems than you might think. Especially South Europe is very civilised as private bathrooms have Bidets and in Turkey all toilets have a water tube below the seats which allow you to clean your ... very carefully.

HeinBloed, Germany