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Congratulations on your up-coming cruise and welcome to Cruise-Chat, New 2 Cruizin! What a wonderful, wonderful birthday gift! I hope Dave realizes how lucky he is. Grand Cayman and Cozumel are two great ports. Good shopping, great beaches, good snorkeling, and very clean islands.

Peter is so right, 7 mile beach is just beautiful. Stingray city is very exciting if you've never been swimming with stingrays. Paradise Beach and Chankanaab Park in Cozumel are nice places to visit. I prefer Chankanaab because the snorkeling is better, but there is no cover charge for Paradise Beach. Chankanaab has raised its prices to $19/pp, but it covers everything except the swim with the dolphins. They have a zoo, gardens, shops, water toys, lounge chairs, restaurant/bar, shade, everything you need. Paradise has a restaurant/bar, chairs, etc., but charge for the water toys. Both places will just run a tab and you can settle up at the end for your drinks/food. You can grab a cab at the port. Hope y'all have a wonderful time and book another cruise really soon. All of us on the board know how addictive cruising is
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