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Originally posted by Dwayne:
Originally posted by Rodney:
Dwayne, you are one lucky cruiser. Is the price for your cruise changing daily? We are not so lucky here from Galveston..seems like they lock on the price knowing Texas cruisers will pay. Maybe mine will drop the closer it gets to the May 1st time.
More astute than lucky.

I am very diligent about checking my rate. The prices are going to fluctuate daily. Mine went up before it went down. Jim is correct that they often drop when getting close in. It also depends on the market and the demand for a particular sailing. Personally, I enjoy playing this Early Saver game with them. And, not to brag, but I'm getting pretty good at it.

Hi Dwayne,

I just read this thread and I am intrigued...

Once you are onboard the ship, and the cruise has commenced, can someone still claim OBC from the price difference? We booked 5 months ago via American Airlines Vacations (I believe they use an Agent) on

We booked a 12/5 cruise and sailing is currently underway. Can we go to the on ship office guest relations and ask for credit? Since sailing is underway, how do we find out the lowest price?

Many thanks in advance.