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We were issued priority boarding tender tickets (total of 4 tickets) on the Island Princess in our cabin upon arrival. On the day we went to use them (we did not have a booked Princess tour on that day) we just proceeded to go to the tender boarding area on the 4 th. deck & were stopped by a crew member at the stairs leading down to the tenders. She informed us that the priority tickets only allowed us to board after all the Princess tours were finished and before they called any regular tender numbers. (the tour groups were walking down the stairs in line) I tried to explained that we had Elite boarding passes but it didn't seem to make any difference to her. We've used the priority tickets on the Sun Princess & Star Princess before but this was the first time it has ever happened & thought it was strange. I'm not sure if this is a new Princess rule, just particular to the Island Princess or possibly she was just new on the job & didn't know how the priority tickets worked. I'll be on the Caribbean Princess & check out the system when we stop at Princess Cays in Feb. I can't really comment on how long it took to get everyone off the ship using the tenders although I didn't hear anyone complaining about it later on in the day. After we did manage to get in line for boarding (which didn't take all that long) they just glanced at out boarding tickets & didn't bother to collect them. They really didn't seem to be checking boarding numbers at all-it appeared to be an honor system.