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As for what is included on your cruise....all meals except in the Bistro. We passed on that. Why pay for food when you can get it free? Some said the specialty reastaurant was great and others said no better than the rest of the food. Sushi. All water, coffee, milk, juice in the morning and coffee, tea, lemonade and punch the rest of the day. All entertainment.

What will you pay for with your sail and sign card? Any pictures you buy, BINGO, anything purchased from the gift shops. All alchohol, sodas etc. Any visits to the Dr on board. All shore excursions booked on and off the ship and anything you do or buy on shore. Also though room service is free please tip the waiter. It is not part of the automatic gratuity that will be added to your sail and sign bill. A 15% gratuity will be added to any bar drinks ordered including soda. Also there is a coffee bar on board that sells coffees, cakes, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and you can order special occation cakes. You will pay for all this but honestly who has room with all the food on board? I have yet to try this coffee bar though the prices are very reasonable. 5 chocolate covered strawberries for $3.00. Huge piece of cake for $2.00 and giant cookies for $1.00 each.

Remember you will be asked for a credit card when you arrive. They will issue each person a sail and sign card. This will be your room key, identification card on and off the ship though you should still carry your passport off ship and your credit card for making any purchases onboard. They do not accept cash anywhere on board except in the casino.

Each child will have a card so please be careful as they can use it to make purchases. Give them the rules before hand or you may be shocked when the bill arrives on the last day.

Don't forget the bungee cord to hold the balcony door open. Great to sleep at night with the door open and listen to the waves.

Don't wait to pack the last day as we just did and forgot important things that we had to purchase on the ship or on shore.

DO book with for the entire group. We did for our family of 14 on the Conquest and it was the highlight of the cruise. We basically had a boat and tour guides to ourselves. Do buy the DVD they will sell. I am so glad I did!

And last but not least DO have a GREAT time!!! I know we all did.