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Hi Van Beach, welcome to Cruise-Chat! Please know that cruising would not be as popular as it is, if everyone got sick, ate bad food, and encountered bad weather.

Food is very subjective, but every ship I've been on has had pretty darn good food. There have been some ships that don't season to my taste, but the food hasn't been "bad". To me, bad food is something that is raw that shouldn't be or is rancid.

Getting sick, could mean, they were sea sick because they didn't take precautions or they may have gotten a norovirus, which can happen anywhere there are thousands of people who tend to ignore good hygeine. Carnival's ships have some of the highest ratings of all cruise lines. In fact, one just received 100%, something I doubt any hotel has ever received. The ships are immaculate.

Weather, there is nothing you can do about it. The captain will do their best to avoid any bad weather. We've had very few cruises that we've even encountered rain, let alone bad weather.

To me, a cruise is the best vacation there is. You NEVER have to worry about driving. You pack and unpack once. Your hotel moves with you. The service is amazing. The food, to me, is spectacular (especially the chocolate melting cake). And you get to visit different countries without having to worry about making your connections.

The western Caribbean is one of my favorite itineraries, next to the southern Caribbean. I think you will find more negative reviews because people would rather take time to gripe than they would take time to commend. I think it's part of the quirky human nature.

I can't wait to get on the Valor in 2 weeks, I'm chomping at the bit. I'll guarantee you I'll be eating great food, have an immaculate cabin, will be treated so well by the crew, and will visit 4 countries in 1 week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, but if not, who cares!

Best wishes!