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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Richard & Mary:
As a passenger on the NCL 3 times in 2007, there must be some confusion over the NCL Pearl. When we were on the Pearl in Feb 2007(So Carribean Cruise 9 day) May 20th (Alaska 7 day cruise) and September 2007 (repositioning cruise) the NCL Pearl DID indeed have self serve laundromats on board. There were two on Deck 9 and two on Deck 11. They were located on the inside of the ship, midship. At first when we tried to find them, we had a hard a time locating them. There was just a simple sign on the door. After asking where they were located, we found them and used them on all three sailings. Current travel websites still list the Self Serve Laundromats as shown below.

It is possible that you just could not locate them?

I have been informed however that NCL was proposing to eliminate self serve laundromats deciding to turn the space into Inside Cabins. I am not sure if that plan was instituted and completed on your cruise.

Not all NCL ships have laundry
on our Pearl cruise in Oct 2008 there were three free laundromats except for soap or you could bring your own. One on deck 5, one on deck 9 across from cabin 9088 and one on deck 10 across from cabin 10082 they were hard to find just a small sign on the upper corner of door. I too have heard that they were being closed and could have been during your cruise. What did we all do before they put the laundromats on the ships. As for the nickle & dime item I have heard this before but all lines have things for sale but you don't need to buy. Our Pearl cruise was 19 days and we had a very good time and the food was good, the bathrooms were small but the room was good size.
Thanks for your review it will be helpfull.

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