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We do not think there is a chance that Princess (or CCL) will even think about anything near the size of the Oasis. The problem with the Oasis (and its soon to come sister the Alure) is that those ships are just too large to fit into the Princess scheme. Those ships are limited to very few ports and targets a certain type cruise passenger looking for shorter (7 day) cruise to the usual Caribbean ports. We think Princess has been pleased with the size of their Grand Class ships and have done well with various re-designs of the class. We would expect to see more of this size vessel with additional modifications. For example, the newer Grand Class ships have no movable cover over one of the main pools, but do a great job in maximizing the MUTS theme. As to the Oasis, RCI will need to find nearly 12,000 passengers a week to make money on these two vessels (the Alure is coming next year). Because of the limited itinerary of these ships we think they will have to have some deep discounting to fill the ships. There is a market for the ultimatemega-ships but it is not or everyone. As an example, my wife wanted to name the Oasis the "Blight of the Seas."