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I'm in agreement that service from NCL is usually good - however, apparently there can always be exceptions. My experience has been that they'll only upgrade within the class - in other words - inside deck 5 could land you on deck 11 inside but they won’t upgrade you from an inside to an outside (I must restate that this is in my experience). Last cruise in 06 on Spirit THEY called our travel agent and offered us an upgrade from deck 7 with a window to deck 11 with a balcony and only charged an additional $150.00 each! I asked my travel agent "why did you even it!"

My agent has retired so the latest cruise I booked through the line and the rep was very helpful, courteous and downright friendly AND FUNNY!

Is this your first time with NCL? I’m booked now for my third and I wonder if they favor their Latitudes members. As a matter of fact, when I booked I wound up with a $100.00 stateroom credit for being a Latitudes member but because of a computer glitch (as the rep put it “bank error in your favor”) I wound up with an additional $50.00 so I’ve got $150.00 on board already just for showing up! This time we booked an inside guarantee and are happy with where we landed. Cabin 5555 - I think I’ll hit the casino as soon as we leave Miami!

Bottom line, keep bugging them up until the day you leave and for that matter, when you check in, see what they can do…don’t stop there…see what they can do on board. As I said, from my experience, NCL wants happy cruisers so go out there and be a “squeaky wheel” and above all, HAVE FUN!

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