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In order to be fair we can be different culture, yes I am a local, but there are few things a like you to know in order to clarify some things:

1. ďCarnival deeply discounts the cabins to localsĒ
Thatís no true we pay the same price the only difference is that we donít take flights from the states so we can book later when the prices goes down and since we donít have to book a flight is cheaper for us, is nothing like they give us offers for being locals is the same price you pay in USA, Actually I buy using is the same price for you and I book it in February Why?
Because I know that in summer Destiny is at full capacity months before the trip.

2. We speak English so you see by this post, the only problem is we actually understand it but most of the people in the island donít speak it for some reason when you ask a Puerto Rican ďDo you speak EnglishĒ they say no because when you translate from Spanish that means we can not talk using English but 90% of the island can understand it.

3. I have been in the Destiny one time and this summer I will cruise with them again and I will let you know that is true, some locals are rude and over the top loud. But they are only a few, so please donít judge an entire island because of a few locals.

4. Remember we are different thatís a given but why do you travel?

I think is to know different culture, to explore, come to Puerto Rico and the Destiny if you really want to taste the Caribbean life, But remember we are different in many ways, We like salsa, merenge and like to dance all night, so you need a little patience and understand this is a mix of many cultures. In the island of PR, especially San Juan, there are a lot of people and not all of them are Puerto Rican. I believe I already read most of your comments in the net, like the one that IBCRUZIN' do you already post a review In other site?

Iím not trying to make an issue of this but Iím proud of what I am and believe me If in any way I have offend you my apologies and Iím sorry for that, thatís not my intentionÖthanks