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First, thanks to anybody that responds. I literally registered two minutes ago.

I'm 31, and my wife is 28. I was working overseas (Trinidad & Tobago) when we got married, and we never had an official honeymoon, since we just lingered around the islands until my transfer a few weeks later. I would like to solve this "problem", as a surprise gift to my wife.

I have been toying with the idea of a cruise to South America, starting in Santiago and ending in Buenos Aires. This seems ideal to us, as we both love to travel, and have never been this far south before. My wife has never been on a cruise, and she would certainly never expect this as a surprise, which makes it that much more appealing to me.

However, I do have some concerns.

I'm confident that there will be plenty to do/eat/drink/etc. throughout the trip. I'm most concerned about the potential yawning age gap between us and fellow travelers. It's not that we can't or won't enjoy meeting older travelers, but let's face it: people generally have more fun around people in their age range.

So, are we a tad on the young side for this? Or should be just accept that we'll be eating with retirees for 14 days?