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Originally posted by h2owatson:
does the repeat status include their other lines such as Princess?
No... 10 Carnival cruises count only for Carnival perks and only Princess cruises count toward Princess perks. However, you do get a "past cruisers discount" on their sister lines.

Since they are sister cruise lines (both owned by Carnival Corp) I wondered why you get more perks sooner on Princess. Then I realized that where Princess offers about 20 3/4/5 day cruises a year...Carnival offers 875+. And since the perks are based on the number of cruises (regardless of their length)....10 3 or 4 days cruises on Carnival would be a lot easier to.

Personally, I am campaigning for Carnival to offer an Elite Card (Black) where you get the perks of all their sister ships after 25 Carnival cruises.