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I have been to Cozumel 7 times and Progresso once. Not much to buy in the way of fine jewelry in Progresso. Cozumel is another story. You will find several jewelry stores downtown, Diamonds International seems to be the most popular and the one reccomended by Carnival. My advice is shop around and don't be afraid to offer 30-40% of the asking price. Alot of the store clerks will ask you what Ship you are on and believe me, they know what time it sails and the prices get alot better as that time nears. I bought a tanzinite/Diamond ring for my wife in 2002 in Cozumel. i found the same ring in 6 differnt stores. The first price was 1500.00 at a shop when we first got off the ship. we found it at others each time making them go lower. We bought the ring at the first place we saw it 15 minutes before we were to be back on the ship for drum roll........ 375.00. hope this helps!