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I bought into the club at the very lowest level. I like the VIP perks, and have enjoyed them on the cruises we have taken since we joined. Couldn't use the airfare at all since our last 3 vacations were Hawaii, Aruba and San Juan. But WAS able to actually use my resort certificate in Aruba. I had been checking OTHER ISLANDS and low and behold, one day ARUBA was available for just one week. The resort was very nice and a steal at $299 a week, as it normally costs over $200 per night. So that helped ease the pain some. We have taken 2 cruises with our points so far, and I worked really hard to find the cheapest ones. I have enough for at least one more cruise, but will not likely be able to get the FOUR from my package that we expected. I keep checking resorts and the next time I find a good one, we are going to book our vacation for that time slot. Working from that angle seems to help. But I too was very disappointed in how many points each cruise needed compared to how much I could book it for outright. The early debarkation and Skipper's club were the main reason we bought into the package, since we have only twice in the past (before joining)booked suites that gave us those perks and liked them. That part of the promise has been upheld so far. While the chocolate covered strawberries they sent to the cabin last cruise certainly were a nice treat, they don't make the investment worthwhile. I am resigned to getting the biggest bang for the buck, and then being done with the club. I have always enjoyed our Carnival cruises, but find with the club I am taking cruises on ships I normally wouldn't, just because they are cheap enough in points so that I would be able to squeeze out at least 3 cruises.
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