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Guidelines For Posting on's Off-Topic Section's Lido Deck is for Off-Topic discussions by our members. This section was created as a place for any non-cruise related topics so most anything is fair game for discussion here as long as it follows the guidelines below. Please remember that personal messages amongst the members should still be made using the "private message" function on the chat board. Here are the things that the moderators will look out for and delete if they exist. Anyone violating any of these guidelines will be given an official warning and then are subject to being permanently banned from

Do not post copyrighted material: Any information from another web site should not be copied and posted to this discussion group. If the information is important, then post a link to it. If you post copyrighted material to, you run the risk of being banned.

Do not post inflammatory or confrontational messages: The Lido Deck is a forum where members may discuss topics amongst themselves that are NOT related to cruising. Do not post messages that are disruptive or that flame anyone. Since Cruise-Chat is a family orientated site, no topics/discussions of an adult nature will be permitted. Any such messages outlined above will be removed quickly and if a member continues to such messages, they will be banned from the site.

To amplify the above rule - politics and religion are specifically off limits and messages with either subject will be removed.

Do not advertise or solicit anyone in Anyone caught soliciting or advertising or posting spam will be banned.

That is about it. Since this section is still in its prototype stage, the administrators may find the need to add more rules, but this basic set was deemed necessary.

Enjoy our discussion community and have a great time cruising.

Your Cruise-Chat staff.