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Originally posted by jbrooks175:
Hi. I've been on 5 cruises (2 after 9/11) and have never been asked for marriage liscense as proof at customs. RCCL is telling me that technically they may ask for that since last name differenent than on birth certificate. Is there really a need? I don't even no wear mine is OOPS! Just looking for feedback on how important it really is to have. thanks
Technically, any cruise line, not just RCI, may ask you for a marriage license or other proof of legal name change. If just your first name is the same as what's on your birth certificate, you could be using anyone's with the same first name. With the increase in security in the last few years, government officials are getting more and more picky about folks really being who they say they are.

In less than a year, as of January 1 2007, everyone will need a passport. A birth certificate, even with proof of name change, will no longer be accepted. Since a U.S. passport is good for 10 years, I'd just bite the bullet and get a passport, and not have to worry about it.