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Then calm down and quit shouting.

I can assure you no one on this site works for Carnival. We do have some Travel Agents. Most TA's will give you an honest an unbiased opinion. Just because they may disagree with you doesn't mean they are favoring any one cruise line.

Your complaint of no air conditioning is legitimate. Even an old ship should have working air conditioning. Passengers shouldn't have to be uncomfortable.

Through your own admission you said the food in the dining room for dinner and breakfast was first rate. Even World class. But yet, all you want to do is harp on the food at the buffet saying how awful it was. Why didn't you eat lunch in the dining room? On some port days the buffet is the only option for lunch. But you were on a 5-day cruise and the dining room couldn't have been closed everyday. I've been on 30 Carnival cruises and still have a hard time believing they only had hamburgers and hotdogs on the buffet. What I have seen on many cruises is hotdogs and hamburgers served in one grill location, and other hot foods and entrees served in another location. I actually knew someone once who went on a cruise and it took him several days before he realized there were other food options. Simply because he didn't look!!

Had you used a Travel Agent you could have been better prepared. Your not going to get unbiased advise booking direct with any cruise line. Their goal is to fill the ships. The majority of their reservation agents are very inexperienced.