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Judging from the Ports of call you mentioned,I assume that you are getting ready for a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Majesty/Seas or Sovereign/Seas.

Sorry, R.C. does not permit you to have a travel iron in your cabin. On my cruise aboard the Sovereign last year (before her grand renovation), I did not bring a iron onboard. So I don't know if it is easy or not to sneak one with you. They do have laundry service onboard (full not self-serve). Just ask your cabin steward that you want your clothes laundered on just pressed, and they will do it for you. It will cost you a little, but I think it would be the easiest option. I tried doing my laundry on my cruise I got back from (they had a self-serve laundry-mat onboard). It used-up allot of my time. Time which I could have spent having fun on the ship.

I suppose you could bring an AM?FM radio on your cruise. I did not. It might work, but you will probably be picking up unfamilar Bahamian radio stations.

The beach must be a long distance from the port (Prince George's Wharf). I did not see any sand anywhere in Nassau. I am sure it was somewhere, but not within walking distance from the ship. You can probably book a shore excursion to get to the beach, or you could take a taxi to the beach. There were plenty of eager cab drivers waiting outside of the Festival Place Building (the entrance way to Prince George's Wharf). I heard the Yellowbird Boat Tour shore ex. was nice. I remember reading that it stopped at a beach. You can book your shore ex.s On-Line, On-Phone, or onboard the ship.

Also her is a little extra advice for first time cruisers (like I was on the Sovereign last year):
- Bring plenty of sun protection (sun screen, hats, sunglasses, etc).
- Bring enough cash to: buy things while ashore, gamble in the onboard casino, and provide a little extra tipping money to the crew members.
- Bring sea sickness pills (Dramamine or Bonine) or anti-sea sickness devices (the patch, wrist bands, etc). Chances are you won't need them, but you can never be sure.
- Bring a multi-strip electrical outlet and an extension chord. There is usually only one electrical outlet in the cabin.
- Organize all the small stuff (medicines, toiletries, reading matierials, travek documents, etc) into separate zip-lock bags. I found this worked out really well for me. It really makes finding things really fast, and if there ever is an accidental spill, it will ususally be contained, and clean-up that much easier.

So I hope this can be of some help to you. Good luck on your cruise. Have a good time.