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Originally posted by Aoumd:
So I am counting down to my first ever cruise, which will be taking place this fall. Since I'll be on the ship on Halloween, I was wondering what Halloween on a Carnival Cruise is like, if I really ought to pack a costume, and if so, if there are any good suggestions out there. I'm a guy (in case that affects costume ideas).

Also, my Birthday will also be occurring during the cruise, so I guess I was wondering about that too...I checked the "Birthday" box when booking on the Carnival website, wonder if that gets me a cookie or anything :-P.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
I know its a big deal for the cast (dancers and actors and techies) My daughter dances for Carnival and when Halloween comes around she has been planning for months what to wear, how to get it to the ship, coordinate with the other dancers, what they will do etc etc. I think most of this happens in the crew quarters, but if its such a big deal below decks it probably is a big deal for the guests also.
She was cat woman last year, I was almost embarased when I saw the photos of my daughter. It had to be a super hero year. Nothing revealing but very WOW. One year she was a Butterfly, all hand made stuff and really good.