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Originally posted by Greyson:
We have been on both HAL Oosterdam and Ryndam, both very good ships, just depends on the cruise you want. Oosterdam is round trip from Seattle where Ryndam is from Vancouver to Seward. We liked the 2nd cruise better as we have family in Alaska, but also because we spent 2 days watching glaciers, one in Glacier Bay and one in College Fjords. Both are good trips though with personnel that is out of this world when it comes to helping. Have a great time, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with either ship.
Hello Greyson,

We are having a bit of a cold snap aren't we?

I know that glaciers "calve", do they do anything else? I mean I am getting the mental picture of watching grass grow and for ignorance failing to see what could take two days to watch. Help me out here.