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Looks like you only have one port. That alone will save you money. Just enjoy the beach and window shopping. You could do that port and not spend any money there and still have a great time. If you do want to take an excursion find them yourself. The ship charges way too much for the same excursions you can book on your own for less. Look on line. Just return to the ship for your meals and not eat on the island. Yes, RCCL has drink stations set up throughout the ship for water, lemonade, coffee and tea. Every afternoon frozen yogurt will be available in the pool area. We brought on a case of soda and nothing was said. People bring on water too. Not sure why when water is available on the ship and it's good water too. We did sneek one bottle of rum in our luggage with no problem. The drinks are pricey and they add up fast. Maybe if the cruielines lowered their prices people would be less likely to "sneek" it on board. I like foo foo drinks and still manage to rack up a bar bill. We returned from a Hawaiian cruise in April. I packed a smoothie maker in my luggage and we enjoyed smoothies. There will be so much fresh fruit and juices available for this. One thing you will need to be aware of is the photographs that you can take on the ship. Since this is a celebration with family you have great opportunity for family photos. Take advantage of this. There is no cost to take all the photos you want. The cost is when you want to purchase them. Wait till the last day to purchase. Otherwise you will be buying everyday. This way you can pick your favorites. They are not cheap. $20.00 for an 8X10. You will probbably want a group, one of you and spouse and a group picture. That could be $60.00. Formal night is when most will be taken. On the other hand if you have your own camera you can take all the pictures you want. The BIG trap is the Art Auction, BINGO and the Casino. People drop a lot of money in those three places. Most importently make sure you have the money for the tips. What ever RCCL recommends is the minimum that should be paid. Of course if service is less than par then adjust accordingly. But keep in mind that the crew is there to serve and please you. 95% of the time they do. I have yet to tip anyone less than suggested. Some will go out of their way for you and that is worth a little extra. Some rather than giving extra money will give a little something that they have made for their room steward or wait staff. If you are crafty keep this in mind. This raises their spirits. Keep in mind this crew is on the ship for 6-9 months out of the year with no days off. They work 12 hrs a day. I would not do it would you? Other than tips you could literally go on this cruise and not spend a dime. Highly doubtful but possible. There is also shopping on the ship. Nothing great but they have souvenier shops and shops for alchohol and snacks. Snacks! Who has room for snacks with all the food that will be available. Also on RCCL we were able to buy our booze on the ship and receive it on the last day and it was duty free. If you pay the duty you can take it to your room right away. The cost is no more than in a store. This works good for those who do not want to "sneek" booze on the ship. Don't try this on an NCL ship though. Doesn't work. The alchohol Nazi's will catch you! You are going to have the time of your life! By the time you get off the ship you may already be planning your next one. I know we were.