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Originally posted by Kellymo:
Can someone tell me how this works and what is the limit to what you can bring back.
Penny3333's link is a good source but I suspect you may also want a a small discussion. From my experience going through customs has a lot of variability. From Port Everglades my last cruise where the customs agent had his eyes half closed and just motioned us through, to the customs in Maimi who looked carefully at all our documents and came very close to opening our luggage. I do not know why the difference, perhaps the threat color, or maybe my number just came up. But fill all your paper work out and listen to the CD on what you can bring back and how much, and what happens if you have to much. Usually if you declare it it will be a tax or if contraband it is confiscated. If you try to hide something lots of bad stuff can happen.

My wife and I have never even come close to having more than allowed, but since I never bring back anything but memories her allowance is higher. And there is no limit to the memories you bring back.