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Hi Lady Vidora,

We were in a BA cabin on Diamond Princess, a near-sister to Grand Princess. It was nice being on Caribe Deck as the balcony was large (10x10 sounds about right, although I didn't measure), and it was about 1/2 covered and 1/2 open. The interior was about 200 square feet, yet it was set up in such a way that we had plenty of storage for clothing. I do recommend bringing an over-the-door bag for the bathroom, though, as there wasn't a whole lot of shelf space.

The balcony was large enough to accommodate a small table and 3 chairs, two small loungers, and side table.

I have two photos of our cabin - click below:

BA Cabin (This was taken about 1/2-way into the cabin. Behind me, and out of view, are the bathroom and a closet with lots of hanging space. The mirror over the bed shows what is on the wall opposite the sleeping area.)

BA Balcony
Happy cruising!