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When are you lelaving? You can get emergency passports for an additional fee. Take your old passport with you. In Los Angeles, we go to the post office at the airport and you can get in less than 1 week. Last October I went to Mexico from Los Angeles and passport was required, but the true effective date is Jan 2007. Easier to get passport than copy of b/c from County recorder's office. Of course you might need b/c to get your passport! GOOD LUCK! and Have FUN!

Originally posted by nhu:
I am aware that you will be required to bring a passport to Mexico. My question was, my passport (along w/my sisters) expired back in 2004. I searched this forum left and right but couldn't find an answer. Can someone tell me if I can still use my expired passport or do I have to renew it and if so how do I do that? I really want to use my passport because I can't find my original bc and would rather NOT bring along. Thanks in advance!