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also have a LOAD LIST...that makes sure everything I packed gets in the car.
I think I should do that!

I left my garment bag once (formal dinner clothes) resulting in a trip to K-Mart on St. Thomas. That is the craziest K-Mart I've ever been in.

One thing I always take now is a light jacket/windbreaker. It can get chilly on deck sometimes. Also a long sleeve shirt for the shows, it can be cold in there as well.

A few things that are always on the packing list for me besides clothes and the obvious requirements of proper documents and money are:

  • My "Cruise-atude" (patience, great attitude, not looking for things to complain about)
  • Immodium
  • Ginger supplements
  • Meclizine (in case it gets bumpy and the Ginger fails to work)
  • Extra batteries
  • Power strip and all chargers
  • Mini first aid kit for shore excursions
  • Sunblock for every sun occasion
  • Hand sanitizer (in several forms)
  • Hi-lighter for the capers (too many things to miss)[/list]
    These are just a few.