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Hello all.

Brand new to the site and trying to digest all the info already out here, but have a few questions in the meantime.

We're trying to put together a relatively last minute trip to Alaska for September.

1. Anyone sailed in September before? What are the disadvantages (besides shorter daylight hours and potentially cooler weather) of sailing this late in the season?

2. Being September and past the summer months, will there be much less snow on the mountains surrounding Glacier Bay, College Fjord, etc?

3. If we do a Northbound or Southbound rather than Round Trip - are there any flight deals between Vancouver and Anchorage that cruise lines offer or is the $345 one-way I'm seeing probably the best we'll find?

4. Off the top of your head - what's the best tour/excursion you went on on your cruise? There's so many that sound wonderful - it's always nice to hear what others recommend.

5. We have several cruises to choose from. Do any of you consider any of the following glacier cruise days significantly less impressive than others? - Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Tracey Arm, Sawyer Glacier, Hubbard Glacier?

6. Has anyone been on a cruise that stopped at Icy Straight Point? This is one of the possibilities and I can't find much info on that stop.

Thanks in advance for indulging all of my questions!