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This is my third cruise in a year on this boat. The hardest thing for me is meeting people as I am a little shy So i figure i would try to meet some passangers before the cruise so i can have people to hand out with. I am a 39 year old lady from New Jersey I am going on the cruise with my son he will turn 21 during the cruise. I will be turning 40. I will also be traveling with my 59 year old mother.
They are early to bed people and I am a night owl. I love to cruise on NCL and know the ship well. So if you ahve any questions I can probably help If you would like to get to know me email me or message me or but i dont use aol messanger much so email me at yahoo or msn first let me know you would like to chat and i will turn on that messanger.

I am a very active BBW with a soft personality i have a page on that has some nice ncl ship pics on it...
If your a nice single guy or even a guy or lady someone who is just looking for friends look me up. maybe we can be friends that would be nice? who knows?