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Ok you asked for it.... I invested in the new Samsonite series called Sky Wheeler here. It is extremely light (great when one only gets 20 kg of luggage in the cattle class) and there are two varieties 1) 4 Spinner wheels especially good when one has to use trains or other narrow corridors 2) regular trolley wheels.

I bought the spinners and am really happy with them. The zippers can be sealed with the numerical lock or if one is flying to the US one can us cabel ties.

They pack well even though they are semi hard shells. The only thing I miss is an outside pocket for the cutting tool when one uses cable ties. I found the handles easy to open and close. They offer at least 5 colors -bronze seems to be the most popular and currently the most difficult to get.

They were expensive (150 - 200 Euros depending on size) but so far they have been worth every cent.

In the last years I always bought cheap luggage but inevtiably most had some sort of damage after the first trip. My new ones actaully look almost new even after several trips.

Have fun finding "YOUR" luggage.