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Originally posted by kj_connections:
What is there to do on those days at sea? The itinerary for a 7day cruise (Liberty) has 3 days at sea and I'm not sure what there is to do.

    Hang out on the Lido Deck and drink BBC's (a coconut type drink
    Go to the Spa and get a wonderful massage
    See a show
    Participate in the contests that are all over the ship
    Go dancing in the evening at one of the dance clubs
    Go to one of the bars at night to hear live music
    Go to the Casino
    Eat in the dining room for lunch and meet new people
    Check out the library or internet cafe
    Check out the gift shops/little stores[/list]Whatever you choose on the list will be great b/c you're on vacation and not at work like the rest of us suckers!!! Talking about this is really making me want to get on a cruise ship right now!