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Let's see.....I grew up in Miami. I have been living here in Orlando for a few years. Let me see if I can remember.......

Must see:

- Miami Metro Zoo (a long drive from Dowtown Miami, though)Website: Miami Metro Zoo

- Miami Seaquarium. Close to where your husband will be; on Key Biscayne. Allot like SeaWorld. Website: Miami Seaquarium website

- Coral Castle (an even longer drive to Homestead). Still a great mystery. Nobody knows how he did it. He said he knew how they built the great pyramids. Some said he had magical powers to lift the enormous limestone. Here is their website: Click Here For Coral Castle

- Fairchild Tropical Gardens: A premiere tropical botanical garden. A few miles away in Coral Gables. Here is their website:
Click Here For Fairchild Gardens

Must Eat:

The best restaurants I could remember are:
- Joe's Stone Crab (open in-season)
- Chef Allen's
- Cafe Versailles (Cuban)
I heard these places were the best. I never ate at them, I could not afford to.

You know what, maybe it is the wee hours...or my memory of my hometown is fading. But I am drawing a mental block right now.

Anyway, I hope this could be some help for you.
Have a nice trip to Miami.