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Hello. Well, unfortunately we are not allowed to prebook for the spa. You can only book once on board. I would suggest, AS SOON as you board, go to the spa and make an appt. This is what I usually do. Even then, sometimes, I still don't get the times I would prefer. It really books up fast. If you wait, you will probably be able to book an appt, just not the package you prefer or the time. Trust me, they book up FAST. You can also call and make an appt from you room, they will help you select over the phone, according to the day and time you want. Sometimes, they can only do certain longer spa stuff during certain times. Anyways, the prices are cheaper, about $20 if you get it done while the ship is in port. The massages start at about $99 if done in port. They also usually have "couples massage class", where you learn to give a proper massage to each other. Also, the tip is not included in the price, it is usually 15-20%. The spas on RCCL are the Elemis spa, they are headquarted in London, and have website. I love their spas, I even got my husband hooked on getting a massage with every cruise. Hope this helps. Lil' Lori

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