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Hi Kim,

You're a gem! Such a comprehensive message laden with tips and friendly advice.

OK, so here is our plan. We're not keen drivers and having never driven in the US, (we're from the UK) we felt we would much rather take in the sights than navigate our way round unfamiliar islands. So we've put our fate in the hands of NCL tours. Our itinerary is as follows: KILAUEA LAVA VIEWING ADVENTURE HIKE, WAIMEA CANYON, WAILUA RIVER & FERN GROTTO, HEAVEN & EARTH HELICOPTER EXPEDITION, HALEAKALA CRATER, BEST OF WEST MAUI and HIGHLIGHTS OF OAHU, the last of which is yet to be confirmed. We have already booked The Old Lahaina Luau (great minds think alike!) but it is quite a challenge to get there without driving. My message on that topic only had one response saying that it was pretty near impossible getting there by any form of public transport. You'd think that Old Lahaina would have some kind of shuttle service from the port.... but I guess NCL have blocked that as they operate their own luau. I just didn't fancy turning up to one of these events with potentially hundreds of other passengers from the ship! We also plan to have a day on the beach in Kona on our own if we can get ourselves there! We've gone for a bit of adventure/sightseeing as that's the kind of stuff we enjoy. I seriously doubt that we'll ever be on board the ship for lunch but it's good to know that breakfast is well catered.

We will be sure to make reservations for dinner as you're not the first person I've seen saying this and it probably takes some of the guess work out of getting a table. But I know that even with reservations, there can be waits. I'm in no hurry - we're on holiday after all!

My first mate also wishes to thank you for your time and trouble in responding to us.