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We've all heard them from the cruise director...the stupid questions asked by passengers. Mostly canned and tiresome to hear since they seem to use it on every cruise (usually at the debarkation talk), I have always felt most of the "questions" were made up.

Well, last week I actually did hear a passenger ask an officer "where does the crew stay?" I imagine she meant where are the crew quarters, but you never know.

The biggest embarrassments occurred at the Crown & Anchor Diamond/Platinum member party. He sat a group who had to have cruised more than a few times. Here are two questions asked of the Captain:

"When you said we needed to pick up the pilot for Prince Rupert what does that mean? Is the pilot a radio homing signal you pick up?" The captain stared at this passenger for several seconds and muffled laughter cascaded across the lounge.

"Where is the bridge?"

At the larger "From The Top" Q&A session held on the last sea day, a truly boorish question was asked of the Hotel Manager. "Why aren't there more Caucasian crew members?" He gave the questioner a "look" and a chance to rephrase by saying "could you say that again?" The idiot said it again, exactly the same. The response: "Crew nationalities and races are often a function of the ship's area of operation. We just came from the far east for example, and that is why we have many Chinese crew aboard. We had to have crew that spoke Mandarin which isn't a common American or European language." He went on with more examples, such as their being more of X nationality on European or South American cruises, etc. I could tell the Hotel Manager was offended by the question. I was too!