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Another response from RCI.....

Good day,

We are aware there are a lot of unhappy shareholders at this time. Policies do change and this is one that has. To give you a better understanding of what will be combinable with the shareholder benefit offer. You will no longer be able to confirm the shareholder benefit with any onboard credit offers,(booking onboard special sales, etc.) with the exception of Royal Rewards for the RCL credit card. If you have points that entitle you to an onboard credit this will be combinable with shareholder benefits. If a travel agent provides you with an onboard credit, this will have no bearing on the shareholder onboard credit either, they will be combinable. The Platinum and Diamond balcony cabin discounts will also be combinable with the shareholder benefit. Crown and Anchor coupons will not be combinable with the shareholder obc. As one shareholder remarked about the stock, you need to look at this as mostly an investment in the Company and if you get the additional credit it would be an extra perk that goes with it. If you would like to advise the shareholders on CruiseCritic, by all means please do so as there is so much confusion out there that it may help. Let us know if you need any further information.