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We were on the Dream in Oct 2006 cruising from Houston to the eastern Caribbean at a very low price of $329.00 per person for a Oceanview room. It was a 7 day cruise.

Berick 1234 is absolutely correct, it is an older/smaller ship. The ship was stretched a few years back to make it larger. The ship is small compared to the newer NCL Jewel, Pearl, Gem, Jade, Star, Dawn ships. We found that while the ship was great for a 5-7 day cruise we would not sail the Dream for a longer cruise such as to South America. As an avid and loyal cruiser of NCL, I just don't think I'd want to be on this ship that long. The dining rooms are nice and the ship has a few specialty restaurants. The carpeting needs replacement.....the chairs and tables in the public areas are certainly out of date and tatered. The elevators are very small and narrow and limited in size. The showroom is a small, highly conjested/cramped area for the nightly shows. It is not a very comfortable area to sit and view the nightly entertainment, and would be a nightmare for exiting in case of a ships emergency. The pool areas are small and the outside pool eatery area is very confined, so the ship has an outside BBQ with large grills that are set up for topside lunches. For the outside breakfasts, the pool area is utilized into a few outside food stations for cooking omelets and waffles, which I felt was very inadequte for serving the guests. In fact during the breakfasts and lunches, since the area is so small, don't be surprised to see food spilled/dumped on the decks, as the area is confined and passengers tend to be very messy. We did not think there is enough crew members on the outside deck to keep the area clean. The Buffet is in an area called the Sports Bar, which is really set up for a Buffet. The buffet setup is very small and at peaks times, hard to find a seat since seating is limited.

I guess I would rate the ship a 6 out of 10, with 10 being the best, and I understand the Dream will be either repostioned or sold after the South America season/cruises end.

If I had my choice for a cruise of this caliber, meaning length of cruise, cost of cruise, and considering flights in and out of South America I would choose another ship.

I am sure that you can still enjoy the cruise, and this post is strictly our observations. Certainly don;t want to create any ill feelings, but have to be honest with our opinions and observations.

For what we paid ($329.00) per person we had a good time and thought NCL delivered value to us. However we knew the ship would be older, and once on board, we could have made several recommendations to improve the ships overall quality. I would sail on this ship only of the price was a special low price.

It's not worth sailing on the Dream if your paying for a higher priced cruise.

Here's a link to our CruiseReview of the Dream

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