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You may be correct that the SS US may never sail again.

Some advantages the SS US has over the SS Norway.
1) American built and can be American flagged, meeting all Jones Act restrictions.
2) Most of the Abestos removed (abestos still in the machinery rooms).
3) Already stripped down for remodeling.
4) Small enough to fit into the Panama Canal.
5) It's much faster, as is.
6) Equipment hatches over the boiler and turbine rooms, making it unnecessary to cut a hole in the hull of the ship to re-boiler and re-engine.

some advantages of the SS Norway over the SS US.
1) It's larger.
2) Remodeling into a cruise ship has already performed, although it needs to be remodeled again.
3) Can be manned with an International crew.

As I wrote earlier, for the SS US to re-enter service, NCLA has to make a profit first. If NCLA can't make a profit with three brand new ships in Hawaii, there's no way NCL will invest more resources on a failed venture. The jury is still out on that.

There's always the possibility, even if NCLA turns a profit, that NCL will decide it's not worth the expense of refurbishing the SS US. Thinking, or talking about doing it, and actually doing it, are two different things.