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Hi Richard and Mary,

I've read your reviews of the Pearl and I'm sure I will concur...I've been on the Jewel when she was 5 months old and it was a wonderful trip...We sailed on New Year's Day and the ship was all decorated for the Christmas season....I too, think NCL is the best all around Cruiselines for the money...We have a travel company in Minneapolis that has what they call Snooze Your Loose trips..Last minute cruises (with Air) for as low as $299 at on Thursday and leave Saturday...We've taken many of those and most or on NCL...We like the freestyle concept and the more relaxed traveling...As you have stated many times in your and ships are a personal and subjective opinion...and as I've stated many times..There is not such thing as a bad cruise or ship...some are just better than others...Always happy to read your postings even when we aren't in 100 percent agreement:-)...and as always, I will do my best in a review of this ship...Happy Sailing and I'm off this Friday (2 days) on the Pearl....all packed and ready to rock and roll..

Bob E