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I followed all those rules and boy did I every get sick in Mexico once. Just got back an hour ago from our Hep A/B shots. True enough, we have been going to the Caribbean for years and never a problem. I do not really think you need them if you are eating and drinking on the cruise ships, but we decided to do it anyway. Even at home and at some of the finer restaurants you are getting outbreaks of Hep. We thought it was about time we protected ourselves, so why not use the cruise as an excuse to finally get on with it. Now according to our doctor, after the final 6 month follow up for A, we should be good for life. B could require a booster after 7 to 10 years. As a parting note: I work with a guy who has blood like alphabet soup, got Hep ABC and HIV, and given what he goes through, you do not want to get the hep. The only sting is to the pocket book.