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I went on an Alaska cruise in june and the weather does get quite cold in some areas on your cruise so bring a couple jackets. The senery is absolutly gorgeous, it is a photographers paradise! when you go through the insidde passage, you see millions of beautiful pintrees, with some still patted with snow. The water is so calm, we even saw a littlee baby seal floating by us on a little ice berg! Then, if thry pull over, they stay by the wall of ice that is actually blue! And they wait so you could see an iceberg fall! It is an amazing experience that you should take advantage of. They will have pictures of the icebergs falling in the photo gallery so can buy. Now this cruise is the one you definatly want a balcony for, because when they get near the ice bergs or any beautiful senery, everyone crowds to the side of the ship, and all you have to do is go to your room and have you own non-crowded view! I hope you have sooo much fun beacause the senery and the ship itself is marvelous!!!