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Originally posted by IBCRUZIN':
How can a person even keep track of the price of a Carnival cruise? The price fluctuates so much depending on how well the ship is selling out.

I have not noticed much of a price jump in the 8 years that I have been cruising. Whatever price jump there has been, has been buried in better amenities, larger ships and more lavish stage productions. Personally I don't know how Carnival has managed to keep the prices so attractive.

I think that since Carnival orders so much merchandise and food from each of its vendors, they are in an excellent position to demand the absolute best price possible.

On another note, depending on the economy, the $199 cruise may come back after the holidays. What with all of the fallout from the real estate debacle and the tightening up of credit card lending, many people may be using more of their income just to stay afloat leaving us cruise junkies to reap the benefit of slower sellout of the off-season cruises. Cruising was probably its cheapest the year or two after 9/11 when the economy for most of the country was in the toilet.
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