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Originally posted by Mark O'C:
We are traveling for the first time on Celebrity, we are regulars on RCCL. We have a suite as well, what can we expect from our Butler? It sounds very posh to have a butler in Europe, do not want to expect too much or ask for too little. And what did you tip the butler?
Mark O'C
We did not ask anything out of the ordinary from our butler. He was so kind, and did go out of the way in a couple of occasions, to make certain that I was comfortable, finding special items that he felt would be of help to me.
He was on call 24 hours a day, and was there morning, noon and night, making certain our room was in perfect condition. Breakfast was always served on time, along with always trying to please us in any way. He would have unpacked for us, along with some other extras, but I did not feel the need for that.
The butler is the person who served us our hors doeurves nightly and would have helped with bookings had we asked.
The cruises state their suggestion for the butler, but we added considerably due to the high quality service we received. He certainly made our cruise much more pleasant from the very beginning, and hope to see him again while traveling with Millennium in November.