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The last time we were there, which was 2 years ago, the cab fare was $20 for the both of us to go to Orient Beach. There is shopping really close to where you dock, and there's a beach that's close as well. The catch on Orient is you have to pay for everything. You can sit in the sand for free, but if you need to go to the restroom, they charge you. We bought a drink coupon from one of the many bars along the beach which included a potty coupon. We rented a couple of loungers and an umbrella. Truthfully, I think they would be fine doing it on their own. It's a safe island, there are plenty of cab drivers, and some are willing to give you a deal. Ours came and picked us up for the $20/fee. We tipped him well when he dropped us off at Orient and then again when he dropped us off at the pier. He gave us details about the island, showed us the chickens and goats, just a nice guy. St. Maarten isn't one of my favorites, but if you are a shopper, the shopping is as good as St. Thomas. Maybe someone has been there more recently, but I'm sure she could find someone to deal with.