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As for St. Maarten (St. Martin), I did not book any shore excursions while there. Instead, I went to Orient Beach, on the French side (St. Martin). It was a beautiful beach:

The van ride however, maybe not so. Around the shore of St. Maarten (St. Martin) is really nice. The middle of the island where the van drove through, maybe not so nice. There was allot of poverty. But the trip was worth it to go to Orient Beach. I have to warn you that the southern end of the beach is "clothing-optional", due to the fact that a nudist resort "Club Orient" is located there. There will be warning signs that you will see as you cross into that southern end of the beach; warning you that you may see nude sunbathers beyond that point; and that cameras, video, and cellphones are not permitted beyond that point into the southern end, as well. HOWEVER, if one is excited anticipating what they might see at this clothing-optional section of the beach, they will be very likely dissapointed. When I was there, it seemed that those without any clothes were all at least over 60 years old.

Anyway, I heard of a few good shore excursions to do in St. Maarten(Martin) described by members here:
- some sort of Catamaran trip around the island
- some sort of Americas Cup race involving passengers aboard such sailing vessels.
- a tour of The Lotterie Farm (which I believe may have been a butterfly farm).
- also there is some good shopping opporitunities in Phillipsburg where your cruise ship will be docked (on the Dutch side [St. Maarten]).

F.Y.I. the island is shared by France and The Netherlands. The south side of the island is the Dutch side (called Sint Maarten). The French side is the north side of the island (called St. Martin).

So, I hope all this I wrote can be of some help. Keep visiting this website to learn more. Have a nice time on your cruise