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On shorter cruises I do a cash deposit and i pre pay my tips for the cruise. I always figure about $125 a day per adult as the basis for how much to put down. But i normally only do cash on a 2 or 3 day cruise so i don't need to carry so much cash with me. Traveler Cheques are a good idea, i do know a few people who were denyed using a pre paid credit card even with a logo on it because it was pre paid and the way they charge the card it would lock up after a few days. Carnival i know for a fact charges your card a few times to keep a reserve fund going so if you have a $300 pre paid on day one if your tips are not paid and it's a 7 day cruise there goes $70 for tips automatically plus another 50 as a hold charge so 120 then you spend some and your hold charge goes do to 20 and they put another 70 hold on so now your at 190 and you havn't done a really. It's hard to explaine but the best idea is use your real CC with then for S&S accounts or put down cash you get a check back the last day and you can cash it on board at the guest servises (formerly the pursars) desk before you leave if you wish.
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