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Yes Penny it was the Occidental Pinapple Beach Resort in Antigua, an all inclusive, very nice day there. Heard that Turners Beach was heavenly from a friend of ours who grew up there. There's a restaurant too. We were going to go there per our friend's reccommondation but chose not to. We did pass along our friend's reccommondation to other people on our ship and they all said Turners was absolutely fantasitic. I believe I heard they had hammocks there too. I'd maybe hire a driver here to take you to some sites and then stop at Turners Beach. There's so much to do in Antigua, so many nice sites to see. In St. Lucia we did a sea and land full day excurion sponsored by our ship. It sure covered all the islands highlights but it was a long day. It started by sea, stopping for some snorkeling then a beach then sailed thru Marigot Bay where they filmed Dr. Doolittle. After that it sailed close to the pitons for some great views to a town called Soufriere where we hiked up to a sulfer pit and the drive - in volcano. (smelled horrible, didn't like this part of this tour). Then we went to a sugar cane plantation tour where they served us a great lunch. Forget the name of the plantation. Anyhow, this tour was great but I hope you have some energy, it was a long long day! Penny's day sounded better to me, but I don't like to tour much. My idea of a perfect day in the Caribben involves a beach, swaying palm trees, a hammock and a few coctails! With 4 ports to visit in a row, you may want some relaxing beach time so that you don't wear yourselves out. Have a great cruise. You're visiting some of the best ports in the Caribbean!