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Originally posted by PC GUY:
That is a good question, in Canada we need to get out of province medical coverage if we leave the province, or make sure your group health benefits from work cover you. Our provincial plan (Ontario) will only cover Ontario rates for services rendered outside the province (unless they specifically send us abroad for services that they cannot provide).

If the contract says 100% coverage for eligible expenses, then is the ship's doctor covered as well?
- pay the bill, submit the claim, get a refund!
I think 5string has good advice. I also used a web site to compare insurances that I thought was very good. Perhaps it is the same one; I wouldn't mind having the URL myself if you can forward it. I have had two experiences with the ship's infirmary. The first was a contact lens that lodged itself up behind my eyelid. The nurse was able to get it out, No Charge. The second was more serious: My wife fell off her bike in Barbados on a tour. She was abraded on elbows and knees, nothing broken. The tour guides were great with first aid and radioed back to the ship. She rode in the chase bus and I continued on the tour, we had a drink on the beach as part of the tour and when we got back the welcome security said that they had the ship's doctor standing by if we wanted to see him. We did: they cleaned it up again and gave her some antibiotics. No Charge.

However if it is something life threatening, they will do their best to stabilize and get you off the ship to the nearest medical facility which may not be very good and which will charge you for everything and expect to be paid. The ship will not charge you for lost time to take the ship back to port or anything, or ships fuel anything ridicules like that. But the doctors are often just there exchanging service for a vacation, could be any specialty, so know your child’s issues as you apparently do so you can advise them if you need to.